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Why is the Bus at its loudest when I’m working?


Don’t they know I make the equipment that saves their lives?



Well, hang in there. You’ll find a friend here. (AOS 1x12)

*Thankfully, I found Jemma.*

All my respect to Leopold Fitz.


You were brave sir. You were so brave. →


You know what makes Leopold Fitz more of a hero than any other member of that team?

I will tell you: he didn’t want any part of it. He wanted to stay in the lab at Sci-Ops where he could work, unimpeded by missions and fieldwork, in a safe environment with Simmons.

But here he is, having…


I love Leo Fitz with every fibre of my being.


ok but like

Fitz shooting the HYDRA guy to save May

and then

throwing the gun away from himself like it was hot

like it had hurt him

like he didn’t want to be anywhere near what he had just done

but he can’t even really throw it because he won’t even hold onto for a second more than he has to

and just flinging it away from himself

and obviously trying not to cry again

and oh god my poor brave lion bb

Guess I’m not sleeping tonight then.


Every little noise has got me on edge. Fantastic.



Leo Fitz + Gadgets and Monkeys

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